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Thread: We're so intimate

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    We're so intimate

    I was reading the last post of EagerBeaver mentionning Koenig. In a fraction of lucidity, I thought that even though nobody on this board met other hobbyists, we're still sharing sth together. I never though when I was fck... an escort that maybe one of the hobbyist "wellknown hobbyist" just got inside that pussy before me. We don't know each other, we never met in person, but our manhoods hang around the same places. The internet is really changing our lives...

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    I cannot speak for othersp's but I always bath between clients, If I have an appointment run longer than anticipated and end up with 2 back to back I still take the time to wash up properly.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Originally posted by ElfGoneBad
    Time for an all-merb orgy?
    There was a guy on canbest who tried to organize that, don't know what became of it.

    I think it was like $500 for a 2 hour party. They were going to rent some hotel rooms, at least one girl per guy, and kind of rotate them between the rooms.

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    Very very funny smack

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    Strangely I find all this intimacy thing a bit of a turn-off. In a way, I'd rather not know. It must be a male thing.

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    Are we forgetting that this is a dream world and a worl of hell at the same time; who is interrested in meeting an sp's other hell. This is not the St-James or the Mount Royal or even the University Club, this is the third world!! Let be honest about it!!

    With due respect.


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