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Thread: $1000 Dream night?

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    $1000 Dream night?

    Alright gentlemen. If you had 1000 to spend anyway you chose on a fun filled night with ladies in Montreal, how would you spend it? I myself prefer a girl who is somewhat submissive. I am posting this because I'm gonna be in town with some money to blow (no pun intended.) I want my day to be a highly efficient pleasure fest. So please, any help would be appreciated.

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    You mean the whole night? $1000 won't get you far. Once hotel suite, dinner for 2 and drinks are paid, you're left with $400-$500, barely...
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    i am also looking for a lady who is worth

    1000 for one or 2 hours since i dont like extended appointment (like 4 hours date...) at least lili or laila level

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    JimNightHart, don't get discouraged, you will find plenty of french canadian holes to violate

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    Lots of holes to violate in Canada around springtime! Just look at our streets!
    And it can cost you $1000 easy, in less than 1 second!

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    Ha, thanks guys.. I wish I had more money to blow in one night. If i spend more than 1000 I might as well just go to russia and get a russian bride.

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