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Thread: Glory holes à Montréal ?

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    Glory holes à Montréal ?

    Salut à tous, petite question pour les plus allumés d'entre vous. Existe-t-il à Montréal des endroits hétéros avec des Glory holes ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ntice
    Hey Grizzly,

    Je n'pense pas qui y a quelque chose comme ca a Montreal.
    Bien si que oui. Il y en a dans un club echangistes

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    Il ya un dans Club 3333 (le club echangistes).

    I don't know if anyone ever uses it, or if it is just for show. And I don't know how to say that in French.

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    I was told ........... an old geezer that these GLORY HOLES use to exist here in Montreal in the 30s, 40s, 50, and 60s. These were establishments like bars or depaneurs that had a little corner or booth where you can go sit and you would be serviced under the table annononmously buy ladies or even guys under the table. Some of these places would only have a little trap door where a hand would come out to give you a HAND!
    I understand that these places existed in the American south up to the early 80s.

    P.S. This thread brings up an interesting question. If lades were able to offer service in the MP or the SP trades annonomously, exponentialy how many times would the biz multiply?

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    GLORY HOLES in mtl???

    anyone been to a glory hole in mtl,,,apprently this is big in cali and n.y and n.j just new at this and i wouldnt mind trying it ..

    thanks for ur input(in advance)

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    I guess you can find some in gay village but learn about using search option of that board:

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    Thanks wilko, threads merged.
    Focusport, please do a search before posting.

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    SRY guys im new at this!!!! well has any one found one yet...not in a club??

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    Try suggesting a glory hole night.

    Some of the CLUB EXCHSNGISTE might be interested in offering a glory hole night. I will bet it will boost memebership.

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