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Thread: Video Prepared By Virginia Tech Shooter

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    Video Prepared By Virginia Tech Shooter

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    Thanks for the link EB.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Equanimity
    We should boycott watching all this stuff and make the victims the focus. Maybe to the point of not even releasing the perp's name.
    You know how mainstream medias work: they'll play the tape every nanosecond, like an hypnotic chant, because it's always high time to distract the good people from - you know - the things they shouldn't be worrying about, like foreign policy, social programs, education, the environment, stuff that should be left in the hands of the proper authorities... And then, when the ratings will start heading down, they will send the "smart" journalist, with his "inquisitive" mind and steadfast desire to "understand", to feed the public with introspective insights on the killer's psyche, his motives, maybe excuse him a bit...

    All this while, here and there, loners, sitting on the other side of the screen, are wondering if the perpetrators of 9/11 had a psyche or not and what's keeping the Bush Administration from bombing Virginia, without a doubt, a threat to National Security. Well, anyway, Charlton Heston just concluded his speech at the annual NRA Convention by raising a Sharps Rifle proudly over his head and the next Tarantino-endorsed-Eli Roth-Virginia tech-shooting-inspired screenplay is in the making, soon a flick the learned audience will be celebrating with uncontained enthusiasm at a theatre near you...

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