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    Cool motel

    has anyone tried LE COLIBRI 6960 st jacques 514-486-1167
    the price is suppose to be 25.00 for 4 hrs

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    Have they changed the sheets this month???????
    " You actually get to choose your friends, family.........well..."

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    2,424's a dump. Feels like a cheap "quickfuck" Motel (which it is). Have only been there when the Chablis across the street was full and lady allready booked.

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    where is Ideal located please

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    Exclamation Charges

    Hello everyone,

    We charge an extra $10 for the driver for anything north of the autoroute 40 and $10 anything past the Stadium and $10 past the the hotels on St Jacques. The 10 bucks is a one time deal only on the first hour not on multiple hours.


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    I was at the Chablis on St-Jacques two weeks ago and the rate was 42$ or 45$ (I not sure, but it was under 50$) for 4 hours, no deposit and no ID asked. I'm not sure if the room was a renovated one as it was the first time I went there, but it was very good looking and seemed pretty new. I had to extend my stay and I was asked for 14$ per extra hour.

    The room can be seen here. It's the one labeled "Regular Extra".

    It featured a mini-fridge (empty), a closet, a TV/DVD player, a very large mirror and a dance pole.

    Strange thing is that the prices on the website are not what I paid. Maybe the clerk got mixed up. Good thing for me: I saved 4$!!

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    It seems it was the same clerk for me too.

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    update chablis cadillac

    Check my post on this thread for update Chablis Cadillac

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony_montana
    I think that a lot of the rooms are renovated (chablis st-jacques), but not all of them. I went there twice in march, one time I had one of the old rooms (46$ mini fridge, no dvd player) and the other I had a renovated one(55$ no fridge, dvd player). No deposit was necessary... however they asked for ID. I read in a thread that if you don't want to show them ID then I think you can to leave a deposit.

    check my post for clarification

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