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Thread: Acronyms and "new terms", do we need that many on everything?

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    Question Acronyms and "new terms", do we need that many on everything?

    Hi guys and gals

    Just finished reading a thread from an advertizer and, seeing some new abbreviations and terms were coined, it bring me the following questions: Do we need to put abbreviation and weird terms for everything? Insn't life already complicated enough without adding the burden of "translating" stuff that already exist?

    When will we see acronyms for 2 arms, 2 legs...

    Clean Plate: Doesn't "shaved" or "trimmed" or "hairy" say it all? Why the "made-up" term?

    T for tight! Will it be L for loose or we just have to pretend, from now on, no T means loose? Is T equals tight if you have a huge dick or a tiny one? Should coin "Tight For Huge" and "Tight For Tiny". Or "Tight For Normal"

    Where do we stop?

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    LOL, MTF! We have to stop this ASAP or else we'll be SOL. BTW no time to write more 'cause I gotta watch WWE or maybe NHL on TSN. 10-4.

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    What does these letter mean? Nothing but since words are no longer writen and acronoms seem the way of doing things now I thought I would join the party. On second thought, fuck it. I'm having a hard enought time learning french with out learning a whole new lingo for this hobby. All I have to say WTF is with this shit?
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