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Thread: Spreading Rumors and Lies and Stories they made up

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    Spreading Rumors and Lies and Stories they made up

    "Some make you sing and some make you scream ... One makes you wish that you never been seen" - Bowie

    A friend of mine called me today, completely bend out of shape. Seems people are talking real trash on this board, apparently in the chatroom, about her using HEROIN. A complete fabrication, a total lie.

    I can't tell you how lame this rumour is, and how much lamer the people are who are spreading it. Even more pathetic is one self-proclaimed friend who was aware of this, and sat back and said nothing because he was afraid to stand up for himself and our mutual friend. A pencil-dick little weasal.

    Consider the source of this 'information', consider the harm that can come from this, and who would 'benefit'. Someone with whom she has previously had a run-in or two is a logical place to start.

    While you are considering all this, please think for yourself, and reach your own conclusions based upon FACT not some garbage you heard here or at a party.

    The people who talked about this at the MERB party were being slanderous, people who are writing here are being libelous. Please act like adults, not like children, or actors in a soap opera.

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    I'm with you YVO, this type of actions is pathetic. And to those idiots out there, just remember what goes around comes around....
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    YVO- Believe me if this person was really a heroin user it would be known and her career would not last, ex:sophie(formerly of devilish), rumours are usually started by idiots with a agenda or who have nothing better to do.

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