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Thread: Personal info with the Outcalls escorts

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    Smile Personal info with the Outcalls escorts

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to the game. So, I got some questions about the personal info with the Outcalls escorts that you guys might be able to help me with.

    1.) What kind of personal information do you have to tell the escorts for the outcalls? I feel a bit uncomforatble about telling my real name and other personal info to the escorts (maybe because I am new). Of course, I am planning to pay in cash.

    2.) I have read somewhere that you should arrange with the hotel that you stay in to let the visitor thru to you just by referring to your room number. This way you don't really have to tell the escorts your name. Would this method cause me any problems with the hotel or escorts. Is this kind of service common and can be done in most hotels?

    3.) On some escorts' websites, they say that they delete you info right after the bussiness is complete. Is this true? Do they really delete your info?

    4.) I am just curious, do you guys tell you personal info to the escorts? f you don't and you could share your tips/tricks about how to aviod giving personal information, that would be great.

    >>> By the way, I might have a chance to travel coming up soon. So, I probably will be asking a lot of questions in different topics. I hope that you guys would help out a newbie like me out. Thanks in advance, guys.

    Any info about the above questions at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am thinking you must be writing from the US - right? Not the same circumstances here as there are once you cross the border. In the US... you can find ladies who will see you at your hotel without information, but you might reconsider since I believe it is a bigger risk to reveal your activities to a hotel clerk than it is to reveal your name to an escort (especially one who is well reviewed and respected)... in Montreal, different ideas apply. If you are not comfortable sharing your name rent a 4 hour room and call an agency. If you plan to see indy girls here, you may have to share something... I am not sure, I only know what I need to feel comfortable, but with an agency, here, they don't need all that from you.

    Good luck


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    ARRGGGG!!! So many questions, so little effort looking for answers himself first!!

    Do some effort man! Most of what you're asking about was discussed before. READ!! Not just a quick browse of the first page of each section, browse tru a few pages and read titles, use the search function, there's even a "google search" available! Just look at the top of the page and you'll see these search functions.

    Never heard of "swim or sink"? Soon, peoples here will let you sink because it seems you don't want to swim.

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