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Thread: SP ask you for your phone #

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    SP ask you for your phone #

    On a couple of occasions, I have had a SP in a GFE outcall agency get really into me, and have shyly asked me for my phone # or email. I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else ?

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    Probably not. You are most likely the only living male superstud who has such magnetic power over the women you are paying to be with you. You clearly possess a wonderful gift and are probably also quite modest.

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    can you merbites please stop overloading my sarcasm-o-meter, you're gonna ruin it

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    It happens all the time.

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    always happen

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    The first time I saw a SP, this happened to me. I think that this is a normal occurance if the SP feels comfortable with you and wants to forego the agency's cut. She mentioned that if I wanted to see her again, I should call her directly. She also asked me for a contact number so that she can reach me in case things change (rates, specials, etc.). I gave her my contact information (personal cellphone) and became a repeat customer of hers.

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    franky sayz
    although this will not be believed. I have started relationship with two sp. Both saw me on the side with no money exchanging hands, although I instigated the association. I would basically take them to nice places in the city and have fun afterwards. I think it was basically a quid pro quo operation. hope this help. an yes, I enjoyed the arrangement

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    It has happened to me too!

    I ave given secondary e-mail adresses to SPs and MPs, but if your do not use the e-mails regularly you just forget what e-mail you give out.

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