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    I'm planning a trip to NYC in the near future, and was hopping I could count on someone on here to tell me where I could get the highest mileage. SC, SP, or MP.



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    High mileage in NY means high dollars.

    My suggestion is get in your car and drive back to Montreal, or at least one of the FS SJs near the border!


    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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    Or you could try calling Mai Ling. You may notice some familiar ladies on her site.

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    Some possibilities

    I lived in New York City up until about a year ago and am currently an exile in a vast, cold wasteland known to some as the `RSN`. My only consolation is that at least I`m closer to Montreal now.

    The mainstream SC scene in NY has sucked since the days of Rudy. High mileage places like the Harmony are long gone. Most of the well known SCs such as Scores are just overpriced gentlemen`s clubs. Think Wanda`s.

    Outside the mainstream, things are not so bad. Members of the local chapter of ASSC run a bi-weekly lap dancing party in downtown Manhattan. It`s a good value. Check out their yahoo group at:
    It`s necessary to sign up as a member in order to attend their events.

    There are also many underground events in NY, albeit often with a ghetto vibe.

    Outside of Manhattan, the best hands-on lap dances are at the Go-Go Rama in Laurence Harbor, NJ - just over the Outerbridge Crossing from Staten Island.

    I`m not very familiar with the MP scene although many of the Asian MPs in Manhattan are located in Little Korea - in the 30s between Broadway and 5th Ave.
    There are also many of these in Queens.

    As for SPs, I`m not really sure. Because I lived there, I didn`t do the outcall thing. There are some longtime incall favorites still in business such as Julie`s:

    As mentioned above, you could check out if you`d like to meet Montreal ladies (many from French companions) in NY hotels for $300/h. The Independent Network also serves NYC once in a while.

    Since there is no NYerb, I`d suggest looking at the Erotic Review ( and Utopia Guide (
    Craig`s List is another source of info - check out the erotic services section.

    Good luck.
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