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Thread: Hotel Recommendations by Spartacus

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    Smile Hotel Recommendations by Spartacus

    I have some hotel recommendations with prices that are not out of this world but the hotels still seem nice.
    Of course if you can my personal favorite is Hotel de la Montagne especially at 140 this hotel is excellent value.
    But not all of us are able to stay downtown especially some who work in the area.


    Hotel St Andre on St Andre street near berri metro
    (514) 849-7070
    rate is 78.00 with aaa discount including in room continental breakfast.

    Travelodge 50 rene levesque near st Laurent.
    514 874 9090
    rate with aaa discount 94.00 plust tax including breakfast.

    Hotel lord berri
    1199 berri (514) 845-9236 Berrie near Rene levesque
    price 109.00

    L'appartment Hotel 455 sherbrooke near park avenue
    514) 284-3634
    Studio 120.00 this hotel has kitchenettes etc.

    Hotel du Vieux port
    756 Berri (514) 844-0767
    price 115.00 including breakfast.

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    Hotel Lord Berri


    With all due respect, this hotel was the least impressive hotel I have stayed at in Montreal. Not on the same level as the Delta CV, the Sofitel, or even the Novotel. It's not a dump, but when I was there last August there were major problems with the cleaning crew, it took forever to check in and check out, and the clientele was mainly young punks without too much respect for fellow guests, who looked like they should be staying in a hostel. I read good things about the lobby level Italian restaurant, but the food was screamingly average. The room was not that bad, neat and clean, although I had to wait forever for the staff to put it in that condition. It is 2 star, maybe 2.5. Definitely a notch below Delta CV and Sofitel.

    Also, they caused me major stress by almost not having the room ready before the escort got there. Very, very stressful, which was compounded by the fact that the Canadian border guards had detained me at the border for 45 minutes so I was already behind schedule and stressed to begin with.


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    re Lord Berri

    to Eagerbeaver
    sorry you had a stressful time at the lord berri.
    Nothing like having alot of stress before seeing an sp.
    I do not vouch for the resto, cleaning staff etc.
    I also don't think that this hotel compares with some of monteal's other hotels.
    But for the $$ it is pretty good value rooms are nice, and the hotel is from what I understand "Escort discreet"

    1155, rue Sherbrooke Ouest Montréal (514) 285-9000
    caa rate 249.00

    1180, rue de la Montagne Montréal (514) 861-6000
    caa rate 149.00 but you have to show the card , otherwise 159.00

    Hope your next trip is more relaxed, and hope they didn't pull out the "Glove" during your detention at the border.

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