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Thread: A & C TO get a website petition

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    A & C TO get a website petition

    Alright, I have been going to A & C or RDV or SVp or whatever they are now called for a couple months, seen a couple of girls. I find that its always a gamble as their descriptions tend to be a little off, for example, saying Nathalie is 30, when she is 40 and looking OVER 40, or saying girls have C boobs when they really have average B boob, and let alone the whole weight aspect, or saying Samantha has real boobs when they're fake.

    Bottom line is 90% of the time, as far as look is concern, the girls are hot, and 90% of the time, they make them look better on the phone than they really are, which sucks.

    so the petition is, who here would go to this agency more often if a look at the body of the girls would be available on the internet? We gotta show them that it would make them make more money, I personally would see more girls if I could have a look at them first, who else?

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    So long as you walk through those doors cock in one hand and a fistful of dollars in the other, business as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_rock70
    You really think they care?

    Well, If they're anything like business people, they always want more money, and this would be a fairly easy way to make more money.

    I havent been there in a couple weeks now since my last bad experience with nathaly. Which would have been avoid by seeing pics before.

    THis said, the question I first asked was not "please pull off your best smart ass-stupid line" but "would you be more into going there to spend your cash if you could have a sneak peak to what you're going to bang?"

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    Then again if their expenses go up so does their rate !!! And now, they are pretty good bang for the bucks.

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    You can have a website for 50$ per year for hosting, and 2 people email me saying they'd be willing to do a site just for the sake of it for them. Also, they could offer a client to do a site in exchange of a session with a girl...

    You gotta be kidding me, expenses? lol... 100$ max and they got a site up and running

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    quebecer101 is right, I'd love for them to have a website, send me the petition, I'll sign it!

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    I've been to that agency a few times and it would help a lot if they have a website. It would take away the surprise (good or bad) when the door opens.

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