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Thread: Heaven massage - the paradise continues… 514-757-0206

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    Smile Heaven massage - the paradise continues… 514-757-0206

    A message from Diana

    Hi everyone, this is Diana from Eve`s Garden.

    I thank you all for all the great reviews and hope we will continue to see each other in the future.

    In the next few weeks I will create a new website to continue the paradise and am considering a new name to replace “Eve`s Garden”. I will appreciate any creative name recommendations.

    For all appointment I will continue to use the old number 514-757-0206, but I prefer to answer calls only from non blocked numbers (no public phone, please). If I’m busy, please leave a message and I will call you right back to confirm your appointment.

    For Internet appointments you can now contact me at [email protected]. I will do my best to accommodate your appointments, but due to, too many no-show Internet appointments; it is a must to confirm your appointment BY PHONE at 514-757-0206, a day before or no later then 8 AM of the appointment day.

    I look forward to see you....



    Eve`s garden
    [email protected]

    Heaven massage - the paradise continues…
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    Nominem meum Nemo est
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    Toto, I think we're not in Kansas anymore!

    Thumbs down Diana Queen of Thai-land

    I confirm and second what Mooner and Lupin
    have said about Diana, trained by Eve, and working from the same premises.
    For me, she is now Montreal's Queen of the Thai massage!

    Never before did I get a better, more intense,
    more sensual Thai massage than with Diana.
    She has the perfect body frame for such a massage, she is small
    she is light, she is trim, she is fit, and she has a very nice set,
    of sweet peaches, firm, shapely, responsive and tasty.
    And she used every part of that body to caress every part of Nemo,
    including Little Nemo, until he surrendered, overflowing with pleasure...

    Long live the Queen !

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