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Thread: Fête nationale du Québec 2007 ?

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    Fête nationale du Québec 2007 ?

    One of my 'dates' told me about Fête nationale du Québec this weekend. What kind of an impact will that have here in Montreal on my hobby activities? Will the agencies be open? Will there be any girls working? Maybe only the non-francophones will be working Will the stores be closed? Where are the street festivals/events in Montreal for this? She said there would be a big celebration in QC, and also some things in Montreal. Where can I find more info? TIA


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    C'est une fête comme toutes les autres. Moi la seule chose que j'aime de cette fête c"est que j'ai la journée off appart sa.

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    I didn't mean to offend. My comment was made in jest, that's why I added the smiley face. I did understand that the holiday is for TOUS LES QUÉBÉCOIS. à votre santé


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    Smile St. Jean Baptiste

    Actually St.Jean Baptiste has significance elsewhere. In parts of eastern Europe there is a tradition that starting June 24th, the lakes and rivers are warm enough for swimming.

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    Talking Aluminum Installers ................

    Quote Originally Posted by traveller_76
    I wonder how they celebrate their patron saint in Florence?

    Ah, Firenze.

    Aluminum installers know the answer ......... they Florence the buildings.

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    It actually has its roots in pagan summer solstice festivals.

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