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Thread: Hasn't technology advanced enough..

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    Hasn't technology advanced enough..

    .. to the point where agency websites can have videos of the girls instead of those lame still shots with covered faces?

    This is my biggest beef with Montreal: I have no way of assessing who I am inviting to my hotel room until she actually gets there. (My primary hunting ground is Germany and my batting average is much higher there because I have the benefit of making live assessments, i.e. probably 10% of my sessions there are substandard while probably 25% to 30% of my sessions in Montreal are).

    I've tried to assess photos on websites. I have listened on the phone to descriptions which are rarely accurate. I've tried to read reviews on this forum before booking girls but reviewers opinions are all over the place.

    Anything would be an improvement over those still shots.

    I'm not necessarily talking about them posting raunchy videos or anything like that. Just a chance to assess personality (and fit). Even just hearing a chick talk would be something.

    Which agency will be the first to take this step? How about the HDH agencies stepping forward and leading the way?
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    Well the reason the faces are covered is because the girls dont want to show their face and theirs no problem with that its their privacy. About the video's i dont know if it would really make much of a difference because u act whoever u want in a video but in a picture you see what you see. Although the idea of a video would be a good idea it would by far increase the Bandwith used on websites thus also increasing the web traffic and slowing down the website a little. Most websites would need a make over or an additional section to add this which would result in more costs. However yes i think if its well done it could be a good idea but personally im ok with just pictures.

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    Agreed with ZA. And doing a video that won't look shitty is way more expensive than doing a photo shoot. Lastly, it's quite difficult to "photoshop" a video...

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