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Thread: Lifestyle question

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    Lifestyle question

    Hi guys!

    My mid-life crisis has led me to a questionning that I'm sure others on this board have had. When you compare:

    - Spending money for clothes, drinks, time spent trying to maybe possibly hit with a girl not so ugly hoping you will eventually have sex with her, is it better (if you have the cash). Gets even more complicated if you're into the younger ones, as most of us are...


    - Spending $160/hour on a (most of the time) extremely pretty young lady, willing to have sex with you, even sometimes way beyond the level of skills and enthousiasm you can expect from a picked-up girl. With no bitching, no jealousy, no asking "Where were you?", etc. etc. etc.

    GOing with escorts on a regular basis can become pricy (if you're like me and need sex many times a week), but is it really???

    Interested in hearing your opinions/experiences

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    I have had a mid-life crisis I'm 45 and I don't even think I'ts over yet, yes I have attracted women half my age that wrote there phone # on the palm of my hand I think all they are looking for is a good time with a sugar daddy for a limited time,has for escorts I have never been with,I suppose they both cost alot of money...its pretty hard to stay interested in a 2o something babe than just more than sex.
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    I think what your trying to get at is that you think its cheaper just to see escorts then actually find a partner or Girlfriend. Well the answer would be no because the initial steps you have to take to get a girl can sometimes be costly and futile but in the end when you seduce her then you guys are together and you can have sex as many times as you/she wants which in a new relashinship is rather often . Also even if its true that having sex with a beautiful women like most Sp's is awsome it does not compare to the feeling of being with someone you love.

    Just my input on the situation. But heh what do i know im only 23 and not hit my midlife crisis.

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    The answer is .....Yes!

    Yes to all the choices, Do you spend money on snazzy clothing and try to pick up girls? Yes! Do you hobby and call up HDH agencies. Yes. If you feel like it. Do you spend money on less expensive hobbying like MPs and lower end SPs? Yes, the secret is to have a variety and enjoy yourself.

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    lagaffe, your questions seems to be about acquring sex (and nothing more, nothing less), in which case hobbying is the cheaper way to go and you can have all the variety you want.

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    Franky sayz
    Hobbying is nice. The variety is great. Having said that, sometimes there is an empty feeling, like when you want to go to dinner and have sex afterwards. This is better with a date. I have lately been heavily supplementing my activity with the website Ashley Madison. It is actually quite nice. You can find women who want a bit more and the time spent together is unrushed. They will, in general, not have the bodies of the young sp's

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm
    Just my input on the situation. But heh what do i know im only 23 and not hit my midlife crisis.
    Exactly. You dunno...

    At 40, girls 20something want you to pay for everything. So that or an escort?

    (BTW, older girls also want you to pay for everything, so go for the younger then....)

    Also, as someone was pointing out, relationships with a 20something is often superficial, so that or an escort?

    What is more satisfying, calling a girl who will come to have steaming sex with you for sure (most of the time), or trying every tricks you have to get a girl to maybe agree to possibly have some sex with you if she feels like it? (although, sometimes hot).

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    Franky, is Ashley Madison the same stile of agencies as Lavalife?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lagaffe
    Franky, is Ashley Madison the same stile of agencies as Lavalife?
    I think their speciality is people who are in relationships wanting something on the side?

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