This is my plea to all the Asian girls and or agencies out there.

The market is saturated in other spots in Canada, everywhere you look there is an Asian independent or agency. The market surely canít bare any more of an in flux of Asian SPísÖ..can it?

If an Asian Agency was to set up in Halifax, they would have the market all too them selfís.
Itís a city of almost 500K when you include the surrounding area city of Dartmouth, Sackville and Bedford.

Currently there is one Asian massage place that is so busy you must book 2 days in advance. If I had the money or know how and contacts I would do it my self.

How desperate is Halifax for an Asian agency ?.... You could be a total B&S agency and still make a killing.
If any Asian agencies are indys are looking to make a fresh start this is the place!!
Feel free to PM me if you want info on the industry out here or city.