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  • Yes, and based in Montreal or area to better assist us if appropriate

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  • Yes, but wherever he/she is located is not important

    32 37.65%
  • No. If we need a consultation we'll go see a doctor directly

    8 9.41%
  • No. And I don't think this section is any useful anyway.

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Thread: Should a qualified professional monitor this section?

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    Should a qualified professional monitor this section?

    With the opening of this section and recent discussions about herpes more specifically, it seems clear that a lot of information is available on the Internet on professional health care web sites, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding (and misinformation?) about how some STIs are transmitted, diagnosed and treated.

    On another board, a health care professional was specially taking care of monitoring the section for questions and concerns, and giving advice to the best of his/her knowledge.

    Please voice your opinion, whether or not this type of support would be beneficial here also, locally in Montreal as opposed to thousands of miles away.

    Also, if you know someone who might be interested by this task, please forward me his/her coordinates.


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    I voted 1 but if we cannot find someone local it is not a great bug deal. It would just be easier if someone was looking for local access to services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equanimity
    I voted No because unless it is a medical professional who is very familiar with health issues and std's it won't be of any real benefit. If one of the choices had been for a doctor or a nurse I would have voted yes.
    By "qualified professional" and "health care professional" I meant a doctor or a nurse. I'm hoping that a doctor or a nurse from one of those specialized STD clinics, Clinique l'Actuel or Clinique Alternative would get involved.

    I should have made myself more clear.


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    I have voted 1 because I think it's important to have someone who is aware of the local reglementation. Meaning of, dependently of the countries, sometimes (as for an exemple only) the recomended medication cannot be accessible here if that professional is from outside. Ok such a professional should know about those details, but still, why take the chance if we want to make it really accurate!

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    Yes, we do need one, but location is not important IMHO. By expressing the symptoms, he/she will automatically know what's wrong and would tell you where to go or what to do as treatment.

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    Thumbs down The final reality is....

    We are ALL, (if you're from those people who really loves sex), familiar to STD's or STI's " I'm for myself is a HP who likes to have fun sometimes... But we have become more intrepid in sexual encounters the past years..

    Anyway, the answer is: let's open a board that debates the questions/experiences of or fellow merbiste. (Sharing is the concept and reason for a FORUM network)
    If someone thinks that something may be wrong with any type of SP don't be afraid to let people know, maybe by luck the infected SP's might read those following valuable information for herself on the board. By acknowledging a problem, you've already fix half of that problem.

    Let's not lose TOO much time, thank you!

    P.s : let me quickly warn you on how to detect possible (unsafe/unclean/unaware/unconcerned) SP's out there:
    They take and manipulate the money with there hands and proceed without any washing of the hands right after (maybe yourself do; as well).
    Now, this could sound irrelevant for some, but it's only one sign from many others, that can tell you a lot about some hazardous SP's or CUstOmerS...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetercock
    They take and manipulate the money with there hands and proceed without any washing of the hands right after (maybe yourself do; as well)
    i agree on that point, however not many SPs will wash her hands after manupulating the money

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    Thumbs down Montreal Based Professional

    Should be a Montreal based professional preferably someone in tune with the Montreal STD situation - the rumours,the concerns,the strength and weaknesses of various clinics,etc.

    That being said you would have to pay such a person. So unless the board ownership is willing to do so things will not move forward.

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    Late reply, as I view this thread iregularly...
    Would be great to have doc or nurse. Montreal based has the advantage of knowing better Montreal statistics (what is more prevalent these days, outbreaks, etc). There was a syphillis outbreak some years ago and it was linked to an SP... This info on this board would be quite usefull. But that needs a HP really connected...

    I don't think it should be a place for on-line consultations though, contrarily to what Mauritius seemed to hint. Lots of STDs are diagnosed by looking, need testing and also chat-based diagnosis would be simply dangerous. No serious MD would do that...

    As for how to get one and the amount of work: if this requires anything more than an hour a week, I would be surprised that a HP who is not a hobbyist would agree to do so out of his free will... So ideally it would be a MERBITE who is a HP...

    But, pardon for asking, how are the mods going to ensure that the HP is truly qualified and not some charlatan reading up on HIV on the net? I could easily send my resume to the mods claiming I am Rejean Thomas from L'Actuel (except for one major point... those who know of Dr Thomas will get it...)

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    I voted 1, ideally someone trilingual,
    Ok such professional must to speak Portuguese
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