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Thread: Seaching for Cedrika

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    Seaching for Cedrika

    I do not know if this is good place to start a thread of thos sort but I will start one.
    I think everyone here in some way is addicted to sex. Maybe that person or persons who evicted Cedrika will read this thread or someone will just know something that can help to find Cedrika. For more info

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    with all the time passed...they probably let a lot of chance for any innocent person calling to give infos.

    now, there is probably only 1 person that know the story and I doubt he will come out...

    sometime, I feel the police is not thinking a lot...why still ask for info about «how to find her» while they should probably focus to think about how the pedo is thinking and how he probably dismissed the body. We must find him before he makes another victim next summer when everyone, except the girl's family, will forget about that story...

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    Has she been found yet?

    Has Cedrika been found or does the drama for the agonizing family remains, how sad.

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