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Thread: Search Engine 101

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    Search Engine 101

    I waste a lot of time jumping over recent threads or posts from both beginners or lurkers that dont seem to know about the search function. I suggest that the site advertize better how to use it because a lot of trivial question are beginning to pollute the board. I know that some merbites are just trying to get infos...but come on....some questions are just so general, trivial or at the opposite so precise that it reaches a low target. Here`s kind of stuff I am almost reading lately (I dont think I exagerate much...):

    1- «HEY! I am looking for street action in Ste-Anne-de-la-Perade...please can someone tell me some info?»

    2- «I wonder if there is a disabled-blond-haired-ladyboy-asian massage parlor on St-Vallier street between Jean-Talon and Belanger»

    3- «Can someone tell me who is the best SP?»

    4- «Who provide TCIM+BBGREEK+Ass-to-Mouth that is a 10/10 look+attitude and is GFE for 20$?»

    5- «Where now is Ginette from SALON ROYAL? Last time I saw her is in 1978 and I`d like to meet her again...she was a pro!!!»

    6- «I was driving Friday night on St-Laurent, north of Sherbrooke, looking for street action at 3am in front of Orchids. I saw this stunning brunette with high heel, short mini skirt, lot of make up walking. I am sure she was hoping for customer....but I passed quickly...then when I turn back, another guy picked her up...Does anyone know if they saw her? Does anyone can tell me about SW in that area?»

    7- «I saw this girl on the street at 1am. Asked myself if she is SW. Will go again tonight.»

    8- «Could anyone can go risk and waste their money for me at the XYZ massage parlor I saw today and give me advice so I can avoid to go if too bad?»

    9- «Why MERB exist? Is not fair for us, sex providers...»

    10- «What is MERB???»

    I understand that sometime, a help could be asked (look for 411 or lounge section). But a short SEARCH ENGINE 101 session should be started and promoted. And it should start with: When you will do all the search and read most of the posts...THEN you can admit to ask and explain what you did try to find and what you are looking for and what you unsuccesfully tried to do.

    I had to express myself about the lounge section ;-)
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