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Thread: Sex vacation

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    Sex vacation

    Anyone every try one of these kinds of vacations?

    Have often considered it, but there seems to be a lot of risk. Thoughts?
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    may i suggest through personal experience....
    basically like 70-100 bucks per night for a nice room with jacuzzi marble floor and and access to pool. Plus there are 20 girls around to choose from and usually charge like 40-60 bucks for a couple hours. or even 100 bucks overnight. also, the guys will help you go down and pick up chick in casas/bars downtown where u can get overnights for cheaper with hotter girls. trust me it's worth it. check out the site. every girl on that site pictures is available. u'll thank me after you return. flights are cheap too. try american airlines.
    watch this video above and tell me it is not intriguing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robertpal
    watch this video above and tell me it is not intriguing.
    Half of them look underaged!!!

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    they are not. all the girls get their ids checked and copied by the casas or by the mansion.

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    I've done quite a bit of research recently on these types of "vacations". "Mywildvacation" seems to be the best if you're talking latin american girls. For more info, just read the forums on the site. There are several "trip reports" that will give you the info you want. Bottomline is, if you want a relatively hot, friendly latin american girl hanging out with you 24hrs a day, and be able to change girl every day, and have a sun/beach environment, this is probably teh best choice. Some other spots (in the DR) offer hotter Eastern European girls for twice the price, but from what I've read, they are money hungry and not very friendly.

    I've read about "medellinmansion" as well. This seems to offer another type of experience altogether. Girls are very hot, paying by the hour (or for the entire night) isn't a bad idea for those who don't want to get stuck with a girl 24 hrs a day. But since Medellin is land-locked, no beaches here. Girls at the mansion might not be underaged, but not so for those in clubs and bars. So you have to be careful there... Anyone over 18 should have a "cedula" (ID), so if the girl doesn't have one...

    I might try one of these two places in October or November. Haven't decided yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HigherLover
    Or these resorts look like Third world "dumpsters".....for 500$ a day?????
    On what exactly do you base this "evaluation"? Looks likes a regular resort to me. And considering the price and the fact that they attract a relatively well-off clientele, do you believe they would survive if they were "dumpsters"?

    Now is there a cheaper way to get girls in places like Venezuela and the DR? Certainly. In the later case, just book a hotel in Sosua and prowl around. Having everything available in one spot however, has it's advantages. It's like comparing picking up street hookers for cheap to calling agencies.

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