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Thread: pushing the legal envelope

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    pushing the legal envelope

    first, if this post is inappropriate, then apologies--moderators, please delete!
    In some ways this is a follow-up to the "code of ethics" thread re leaving the donation in an envelope. This is standard practice with high-end indies in the US but, if i understand the rules in Canada, it's not necessary in Montreal. (Aside: i have hobbied in toronto, calgary, and recently in montreal, but can't say i'm much of a veteran north of the border.) From what i can tell, it is entirely legal to negotiate and exchange *in private,* this being the upshot of the "communication" law that is designed to clean up the streets and hotel lobbies. This is also my understanding from providers in the other Can. cities. I can see that there might be the appearance of discretion or even an aesthetic to the envelope formality--and it certainly allows for a greater sense of GFE (which has never meant much to me anyway). And obviously it makes sense to be cool and polite and decorous. But I can't see that it's necessary to pretend that there is no financial arrangement. I know that the laws are somewhat complicated and vague, but still one of the attractions of Canada is that it, like much of europe, is very grown up about these activities. Am i wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnhenrygalt
    watching a hot girl count money can be super sexy.
    I never thought of it that way, but yeah there is something hot about that.
    On the other hand I can't understand how some won't count the donation in front of you even though I'm sure this happens on the elevator on the way out.

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    Enveloppe or not, counted or not, before or after... Nothing about the law on these subjects in Canada. prostitution is legal here, solliciting in public isn't.
    In public, if you pay the lady and LE can prove it was for prostitution, you might be in trouble (might!!) but in private, nobody cares!

    It's more a question of preferences. Of course, some preferences from the ladies we can't do anything about: she might want to be paid before AND count the money! Who can blame her but, unless the enveloppe is mentionned by the lady, it's up to you.

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    Yes--this all jibes with my experience. The envelope bit makes sense in the States, making it possible to avoid any negotiation or even admission (on both sides) of the arrangement. But in Canada it seems unneccessary and even a bit affected to me--it may create an illusion of GFE or elegance or something, but I don't need that. I'm not sure I find the exchange hot, but it seems a realistic representation of what it is. I don't need a girlfriend; I want someone to indulge me, and I'm happy to pay for it. Anyway, you guys have it good up there...

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