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Thread: e-r-h-r....good morning all

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    e-r-h-r....good morning all

    Now with the changes in the advertiser forum we ask that
    advertisers post in their designated forum, and no cross - posting ofcourse.
    The one ad per day rule is still in effect.

    I have not finished yet, back later today.
    "Oh, so they have internet on computers now!" - Homer J.

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    You Might Be Canadian If...
    You know that the last letter of the English alphabet is always pronounced "Zed"

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    I'm not sure about this either...

    I suspect that most regulars are using the "New Posts" menu feature, or the "Daily Posts" if they don't bother logging in or are just lurkers, so this revised classification won't make much difference as posts from all sections are then viewed althogether.

    When looking for a specific information, only then you'll probably browse section by section or perform an advanced search within one section. I guess the finer classification will mainly be usefull for the mods and enable them to more closely monitor the activities within these sections.

    Overall, the more sections there are, the more new thread opening errors will get.

    Lion Heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lion Heart
    Overall, the more sections there are, the more new thread opening errors will get.
    I agree; what was the reasoning behind the new section?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm
    The mix of Agencies, directories and Indy's was getting confusing. Their was also so many people posting everyday. THe prople who posted in the begining of the day ended up at the bottom by the afternoon.
    Then again, what difference does it really make at the end of the day if nobody (except may be the mods) are browsing section by section but rather though the "New Posts" melting pot

    Lion Heart

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