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Thread: Circumcision??

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    Hi Just wondering out there , wanting some feedback on this.
    I am around 40 ,and thinking of getting circumcised.

    Just get tired of the redness around extra skin and it seems the extra skin is more sensitive to cold and things like that.

    Just wondering views.


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    Quote Originally Posted by knockermocker
    Hi Just wondering out there , wanting some feedback on this.
    I am around 40 ,and thinking of getting circumcised.
    After 40 years, why bother tampering with your tool? My advice is to keep any sharp objects away from that area. Snip, snip, chop , chop.

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    i've been choped at 27 cause my skin wasn't elastic enuff, and after the surgery it was the worst 2 weeks of my life, before the surgery i was having wet dreams maybe once a year, just after..2-3 a week, it was painfull, blood comming out, dificulty to walk etc...but now everything is fine i'm glad i did it

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    I would suggest to see a doctor about the redness and ask if it is an appropriate option. It is a painful procedure but for those that need it the results can be wonderful.

    I have told two of my clients to go see a doctor about this who were most happy with the results. (One experienced pain every time he got an erection because the foreskin was to tight... he thought it was normal; the other, even soft could not pull the foreskin down below the head... definitely too tight!)

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    I have no problems with tight skin or that it's the redness and the prostate infections I get , maybe the 2 are not related.

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    for the redness, you might want to get a diagnosis about that.
    As for sensitivity, I see reports that say it reduces sensitivity, others that contradict it.
    I've been circumcised since I was 2 weeks old. From what I gather, that is the time to do it because after's gonna hurt like hell.

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    My ex did it at 31 a few years ago... It is painful afterwards, but it's a standard procedure. Both of us were really glad he did it. No worries there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm
    lol, i wonder why women prefer circumcised tools?
    Cleaner. As simple as that.

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