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Thread: Is Fun Spot near a metro?

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    Is Fun Spot near a metro?

    Very curious to check this place out, but am unsure of how to find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mack
    Is Fun Spot near a metro?


    I have never been, BUT, I did a google search............
    Fun Spot
    1151 Rue Ontario Est Montreal

    Looks like the Green Line Beaudry Metro may be close..............OR, the Orange Line Sherbrooke

    Have FUN!

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    not a strip club

    Fun spot is not a trip club. No booths nor VIP section. Why enquire for it here?

    It's the most decadent bar i ever went to. Mostly transvestites and welfarers drinking their welfare checks. Lots of drugs. On rare occasion a SW will show up to have a drink but will be reluctant to discuss business there. As far as I know there is no reason to have a tread on it here.

    It's been a while since last time I went so things might have changed. If so, please state what are the available services that justify a thread here. I'll be glad to go, sample the goods and write a review :-P

    For orange metro line, Berri would be better IMO, with a 5 minutes bus ride on bus line 125 for the lazy. Green line is Beaudry station yes, then walk north a couple of blocks.

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