Hey guys,

I've been in Montreal for 15 days vacations and I spent really good time there.I started from Brazil with a very pleasant flight with air canada on business class.I arrived in town very relaxed despite the 15 hours trip.I saw a member in this board,mr.protagoras who post threads about brazilian SP....hehehe I think I know them all....heheheh If you guys need help in Brazil,just send me a message.

In Montreal I had good time with feel ladies who offers incall services.I reported about great Sonya who also announces on annonces123.I had bad time with brazilian Rosy.Good time at clinique Soleil located on L'Acadie Blvd.

Yesterday I had to visit a place on 1440 Cote Vertu,massage place and I will tell you a summary of what happened,later I will post in the right section.I got there 9.30 P.M and a lady called Betty had a happy face when she saw me.I asked about thai massage and she said it was late and she would give me a nice massage in half an hour.I accepted it.She is a normal chinese girl,just a detail I had to remark,it was her breast,bigger than asian ones.Her massage was ok,hj included on the 35 $/30 minutes massage.The only point that I did not like it was the fake reaction she had ,saying : oh baby,oh baby,I like that and kept that way during few minutes.overall : 7/10 based on service,personality,body (she allows touching).

Today before my departure,I had 1 hour free,so I called agence chloe and the the lady on the phone said there were Shannie and jade available.By her description I chose Jade because of her blue eyes and big breast (what a big breast....heheheh).Arriving at Motel metro I met Jade,such a lovely girl,she looks like she is 21-23.Very nice chat and she is really into pleasing a client.I took 30 minutes service,wonderful service.She has pretty face (according to me of course).overall 9/10 ( I will post thread later too,I am waiting for my flight to Brazil)....heheheh

Summary of my trip:

Had very good time in Montreal and I should be back shortly because I got family living in there.I would say my trip was wondeful,only had 1 bad service and the rest went perfect.

See you guys