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Thread: How much time?

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    Question How much time?

    I know that in the big picture it doesn’t mean too much because everyone is different, but how much time do you spend “getting to know” the girl and how much time do you think is the best?

    Since I have started the hobby I have tried several different “get to know you” time variations. Interestingly enough, although my gut tells me to spend a little more time building rapport I have found with much consistency that the sooner I initiate the action the better service I get; I’m not talking sex in the first 5 min but some sort of sexual contact in the first 5 min. I am curious if psychologically the girl starts to put you more in “friend” category -vs- lover (sex partner) category the longer you take to make some sort of sexual contact? Even though it is a paid for service the gut level psychology of lover/provider for the girl probably plays some part, especially if she is newer to the biz and not a just providing a mechanical service.

    So with all of that said I am finding that starting sexual contact (i.e. making out) within the first 5 min yields the best results.

    If this topic interests you please post. And the few girls who post here please feel free to chime in.


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    It really depends on the SP...

    She should pick up on subtle signs from you. The getting to know you is not just about speech but also about her body language. Witty conversation helps to break the ice and opens up the session very nicely,

    The SP is also reading you, she will usually size you up, if I may say so, rather quickly..

    You will notice that see will start to relax, indulge in a drink or lit up a smoke or soemthing. Teasing is good, at this stage, a witty joke ,laughter, you will notice the SP will start talking about a personal expierence, listen respond, but change the subject to sex.

    Now you should be ready to start, getting closer, removing some of her clothing and resist to strip right away, let her undress you , after she has shed some of her clothing

    Have fun


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