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    Quick Booster

    I just tried a white powdery substance before an encounter with a girl I knew was going to push me to the limit. The agency called and told me she needed cab fare so I got to see her live and she was better than described. She was physically hot, but also I could tell from our 5 second conversation that we clicked. I was feeling really tired but by my brief encounter with her knew that this was going to be a session that was only limited by what I wanted out of it. She seemed eager to please and sweet. I was right. The substance didn't ever require a prescription. I tossed a couple of sugar packets into a glass of water and gulped them down. Midway we shared some sweets, but the sugar water really gave me the jolt I wanted. I've tried low-carb/high protein foods, and drinks like Pepsi and Redbull, but I think I'll stick to the sugar when I'm ordering up some honey!

    What do you use to be on the top of your game?

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    Unless I'm very tired which is very unusual before an encounter, I normally just have juice before the encounter. If I'm a little tired before an encounter, I'll have a few cups of Coke/Pepsi. During the encounter, I might have a mixed drink or juice or cola depending on what the person I'm with wants to drink (based on what I have). I normally have what she has.

    After the encounter, I'll have a lot of juice since I'm generally very thirsty after DATY

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