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    I was recently at the local mall popped into godiva just for a single piece and somehow the lady at the counter convinced me to get a box of five piece because it was on sale or something. Well i know have a gift wrapped chocolate box with a nice bag and i was thinking should I give this to my good friend or to the girl I see next week. Could this transform a ymmv girl into a gfe? any thoughts?

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    no. cash is king

    but godivas are a nice touch

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    btw, I remember when the godiva stores first opened

    they hired hot chicks who wore short skirts, hose, heels

    that's not the case anymore

    Godiva in Montreal:

    1307 St.Catherine St.
    Montreal, PQ H3G1P7

    Carrefour Laval
    3035 Blvd. le Carrefour
    Laval, PQ H7T1C8

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovearabgirls
    Could this transform a ymmv girl into a gfe? any thoughts?
    No, I would not rely on that. YMMV2GFE is just a question of chemistry,
    so even if you were bringing the least....if the chemistry between both of you flies'll still get the most from her.

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