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    Smile Lili St.Cyr

    From The Gazette:

    app. 56 years after her last Montreal show and still remembered.
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    Such a topic deserves at least some pictures:

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    Smile Black and White

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptRenault
    EE, thanks for the tip about the Lili article and book...I've mentioned this other book before, but it's worth mentioning again. It's about the time period when the city of Montreal gained its reputation among Americans and anglo Canadians as a fun-loving town. Lili, of course, was one of the city's most famous entertainers during that time.

    City Unique: Montreal Days and Nights in the 1940s and '50s. (that's Lili on the cover).
    Thank you all for the various posts and links. The B & W photos of Lili are classics.

    Colorized versions would not do justice to the subject.

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    Some could learn the meaning of class

    Erotic and still provocative even a good 60 years later.

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