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Thread: Downtown Delta MTL for $79

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    Downtown Delta MTL for $79


    I thought some of you might be interested in this and figured I would share it.

    I got a promotion for the Downtown Delta Montreal hotel for only $79 a night. This offer is valid until January 13th with blackout dates from Dec 29th to the 31st.

    You can also opt for a Signature Club room for $40 more which also includes Free breakfast for 2, free internet access and private access to your floor.

    If you wanna know how to get this offer, just PM me.


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    Delta on Hotwire

    I'm reasonably sure that the Delta is available on Hotwire for $62-$64 US depending on what days you are looking for. I was searching because I want to go in January. I looked up the amenities listed on a hotwire winners website and it looks to be the Delta. Direct bookings might save you money on fees, but this is still cheaper. If anyone wants to confirm it, let me know.


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    I checked out this Hotwire website and from what I can gather, the hotel you're getting is unknown, the rates differ every night and you're stuck with whatever they give you.

    Either way, I don't care, I just thought I'd share this with everyone in case they are interested. The rate doesn't change whether it's a Tuesday or a Saturday's still $79 except the 3 days I mentioned.

    And for those who have PMed me or wish to do so wanting to know more, there isn't more to know...I've told you everything! To avoid any more PMs, just follow this link and type in "PTZC" in the Promo Code.

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