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Global HIV Info....
Some interesting HIV stats from the most current UN report, in ascending order...

1. Estimated number of people living with HIV - Adults (15–49) rate (%)end 2003, 2001:

Mexico: 0.3 [0.1 - 0.4], 0.3 [0.1 - 0.4]
Canada: 0.3 [0.2 - 0.5], 0.3 [0.2 - 0.5]
Costa Rica: 0.6 [0.3 - 1.0], 0.6 [0.3 - 0.9]
United States of America: 0.6 [0.3 - 1.1], 0.6 [0.3 - 1.0]
Argentina: 0.7 [0.3 - 1.1], 0.7 [0.3 - 1.1]
Brazil: 0.7 [0.3 - 1.1], 0.6 [0.3 - 1.1]
Russian Federation: 1.1 [0.6 - 1.9], 0.7 [0.3 - 1.2]
Thailand: 1.5 [0.8 - 2.8], 1.7 [1.0 - 2.9]

Global Total 1.1 [1.0 - 1.2], 1.0 [0.9 - 1.1]

Excerpted from: Table of country-specific HIV/AIDS estimates and data, as of end 2003, 2004 Report on the global AIDS epidemic July 2004,

BBDATY Info....
Here is an interesting chart I found:

Keep in mind that this chart is for unprotected sex. See qualifications at the bottom.

Cthulu jones found this good link on HIV risk from DATY:

The HIV risk to the woman, covered or not, is the same: negligible.


Here is a Canadian site with info on STDs:

A highlight:

How is the HIV/AIDS virus transmitted?
The methods of transmission of HIV in the human are now well understood:

No risk:
- Kissing without the exchange of saliva
- Mutual masturbation without using vaginal secretions or sperm as lubricant.
- Massage and body contact, without exchange of body fluids.

Very low risk:
- Kissing with saliva exchange (deep or french-kissing)
- Oro-genital sexual relations (fellatio or cunnilingus) without ejaculation or swallowing sperm or vaginal secretions.

Low risk:
- Oro-genital sexual relations (fellatio or cunnilingus) with ejaculation and/or ingestion of sperm or vaginal secretions (including menstrual flow).
- Protected (with condom) vaginal or anal penetration.

Very high risk:
- Unprotected (without condom) penile penetration into the vagina or anus.
- The sharing of sexual toys or objects contaminated with sperm, blood or vaginal secretions.
- Sharing needles, syringes, or other drug paraphernalia used in the preparation or injection of illicit drugs.
- The birth of an infant to a seropositive mother not treated for her HIV/AIDS.
- Blood products, blood, organs or sperm received during the period of 1979 and November 1985 (dates during which no HIV detection test was available) are deemed to be potentially at risk for having transmitted HIV.

According to them, DATY, without swallowing, is listed lower (very low risk) than FS with a condom (low risk). So there, Saran-wrappers! Now, somebody find me a cute redhead to sit on my face.


More objective STD info:


Hopefully, the follwoing link may be of some help in initial diagnosis.

It leads you to a series of questions.

More information.


Another STD info site...