Christmas is the occasion to show our gratitude to the persons that we appreciate (friends and family). My suggestion is not to forget the special ladies that were there for us all year long when we needed them.

In my case, through this site a year ago, I discovered a gem, Maylee. She has always taken good care of me. Moments with her are magical. With this in mind, I decided to include her in my Christmas shopping list. She will receive her gift a couple of days in advance, with the instruction of not opening it before Christmas! (It is my turn to tease her, since she was an expert in teasing me during the past year).

I am sure that many of you have developed a good relationship with some ladies on this site. As important as it is to always be a gentleman with them during the year, you should also think about them during the Holidays. They fully deserve it. And there is nothing preventing to extend this spirit during the year (e.g. birthday, or just a small surprise from time to time).

Now the question is: will Maylee be able to wait until Christmas? (I have some doubts about this).

Merry Christmas to all of you!