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Thread: Dan Fogelberg Dead at 56

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    Dan Fogelberg Dead at 56

    The romantics out there are mourning the loss of Dan Fogelberg, one of the best writer in the music industry. He died sunday from a prostate cancer at a far too early age. What a great writer he was, he wrote most touching lyrics in several great songs. One of his best was certainly "Same Old Lang Syne".

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaféLatte
    One of his best was certainly "Same Old Lang Syne".
    I must have heard that song ten times today.......they play it a lot anyway because it is a Christmas song, and now moreso because it is also an ode to Fogelberg. By the ways, the song is based on a real life, unexpected meeting that Fogelberg had with an ex-high school girlfriend in a grocery store while visiting his family for Christmas in Peoria, Illinois in 1976. Fogelberg had stopped at the grocery store on his way to see his family on Christmas Eve, in order to pick up whipped cream for Irish coffees, when he ran into his old flame unexpectedly.
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