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Thread: Public cell phone use - Rant Thread

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    Public cell phone use - Rant Thread

    I must say that I am impressed with Montreallers for NOT using their cell phones in public, at least not to the extent that I see in the States.

    At the movies the other night, I did see 2 cell phones pop open, but that's it. In the States, the whole frickin' theater is lit with people texting!

    Navigating through the crowds at Eaton Centre, I got stuck behind this dufus using a Nextel walkie-talkie thing! I think he was an American tourist, because I sure hope we haven't exported those infernal devices.

    And so far, I've not seen anyone in Montreal using a Bluetooth earpiece, looking like they're talking to themselves. Thank goodness for that!

    But I would imagine, all of this is slowly going to change for the worse.

    Please feel free to post your public cell phone usage rants.

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    As long as people aren't driving their SUV heading in my direction with a coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other I'm not really bothered by them.
    Okay, I do hate when I'm given a cel number as the "real" number with which to reach a person, because the rest of the planet is supposedly too unimportant for that person to have the courtesy to answer their land line.

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    Cell phone nightmare

    15 years was easy to do business without these damn cell phones. Now it seems that cannot live without them. What has changed since then....

    And the office provided me with a Blackberry now... Well thank you very you can reach me with e-mail 24hr, 7 days a week.

    What will it be next time... An Intel chip in my brain with Wifi capability.

    Now the more I think about it.... This look like just the movie: The Matrix.


    Wow...that is progress....

    Anyhow. Happy hollidays everybody. And do not worry. My cell phone will be off from December 23rd to January 2nd.


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    I have no problems with people using cells for work-related business.

    But that's just it. 95% of the time, it is NOT work-related.

    People use them in grocery stores, to call home and figure out what they need because they forgot to bring their list. I've been stuck behind people at buffet restaurants talking on cell while getting food! And there was the cell phone bandit, who talked on the cell while robbing banks!

    Thankfully, I've not observed this phenomenon in Montreal. I worry, though, that IT is coming.

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    If only I knew...
    Heck! I use a Bluetooth and could't live without it anymore! No more hassle with worrying about dropping the phone!

    And guys, with a Blackberry, there's a way to silence it, you know? You just select the "quiet" ring setting! I know, that's what I do at 17:00 till 08:00 the next morning, Monday to Friday and from 17:00 Friday to 08:00 Monday! You can even set it up so it will turn off by itself at specific time!

    While driving, if the conversation gets deeper than a few yes or no, hands-free or not, please just park the car!

    All phones now include a vibration alert so, in a public place, please use it!

    Ladies, it's extremely annoying to hear your cell screaming while you dig down your bottomless purse in order to find it! If calls are so important, keep the damn phone handy, not at the bottom of your purse!

    When you're on the phone, we don't need to know about it so, STOP SCREAMING!! A normal tone of voice does the trick.

    Texting is good: it's discrete and doesn't force the other person to answer right away but, when you text, STOP MOVING! Either while walking or driving, what's important is what's in front of you, not on your screen. And if you stop, move to the side, don't stay in the middle of traffic and, this is valid again while walking or driving. Also, the "tick-tick" of the keys, while typing, in a quiet environnement, it's equivalent to a pneumatic hammer! Be discrete and use common sense!

    When your phone ring and you don't want to answer, DON'T LET IT RING! There's an "ignore" or "reject" function on most if not all phone: use it! That will either send the call to voicemail immediately or hang-up without having to pick-up, depending on your plan. On top of that, if you don't want to answer your phone at that precise time, turn the ringer off!

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    And so far, I've not seen anyone in Montreal using a Bluetooth earpiece, looking like they're talking to themselves. Thank goodness for that!
    Better get use to seeing more of them cause a law was passed that forbids handheld use of cells in cars in quebec. So people will probably use them outside of the car too.

    Drivers caught talking on their phones will be given three demerit points and fined between $80 to $100, although so-called "hands free" devices will still be allowed.
    Not sure when it is effective though, may be someone knows.

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