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Thread: February GT???

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    February GT???

    Hi Merbites....
    I know I am starting early, but I have missed a dozen GT's in the past few years and I wanna get the ball rolling sooner rather than later! Sure, I am skipping January because I am planning a trip in February...more specifically, the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd....coming for the clubs, escorts and Linkin park fun!!! Anyway, If I am jumping the gun, or put this post in the wrong spot, MOD's, please be I am lobbying for the weekend of February 22nd/23rd...thoughts?
    The Teacher

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    whats GT mean?

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    GT = get together

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    such as a bunch of us get together for a weekend of canadian beer,, strip clubs,, and sp's? ,,, sounds good,, i'll have to let you know about that exact weekend,, will know by mid- january ,, i wonder if my abbot montreal monk would be down?

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    in niagara falls the agencys themselves get together and throw parties like this for members of gterb and friends,, anything like that happen in montreal? or is that what were talking about?

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    Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about! In Montreal the agencies have done it many times in the past! I was just trying to get the ball rolling....Feb 22-24th I will be in the great Montreal and want someone to pick up this thread who has planned the prior GT's...HELP!!! LOL
    The Teacher

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    You are 100% right, but frankly for the same reason I pay SP's, I'm not gonna do all that work....I'm lazy! LOL OK, maybe I will start a thread and take your advice....maybe not! LOL
    The Teacher

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    next time ... is it a private GT or not?...

    en tout cas ça donnerais la chance à celle qui veulent s'exhiber... de le faire plus en privé... du moins de ne pas faire honte a personne...
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    Thanks for picking up the fire dog....always better to plan sooner rather than later! I am on record for the weekend of Feb 22-24...
    The Teacher

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