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Thread: Happy Birthday Rook01!!

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    Happy Birthday Rook01!!

    Damn you're gettin' old!!

    Best wishes to my buddy, even though he keeps fallin' asleep in the merb chatroom....

    No, wait.... that's not him.... oh yeah...

    Many birthday wishes to you, and hopefully you'll grace us someday with another Banger's incall tale or three...
    uhhhh darnit...I just can't keep these boys straight...

    Oh, Bonne Fete alors, to our dude in the black!

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    Talking Have a Good One!

    Hey Old Buddy. All the best. Great to have birthdays when you still feel like celebrating them eh? Sigh! I will hoist a cold one for ya. Keep the faith and

    Happy Birthday! And Many More!
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    I had the pleasure to meet you once and chat on a few more occasions. Hope you are doing great. Taking the occasion to wish you a happy birthday.

    The Fridge

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    Happy Birthday Rook, all the best to you.

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    Happy Birthday my dear Rook !

    A lot of fun booze and ... let's not go there publiquely !

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    Happy Birthday Rook,

    See ya around.

    Wide Open
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    Joyeux Anniversarie / Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Rook,

    Been quite a long time dude.

    All the best and have a good one.


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    Happy Birthday Rook.
    And yeah, I miss you and shijak more than anyone else, LOL!
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