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Thread: Brazilian Berry destroys cancer cells...

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    Brazilian Berry destroys cancer cells...

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    Brazillian berry

    I do not know if "those" brazillian berries can cure cancer but I do know that our Brazilian Berry is a superb natural cure for horny men.

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    Antioxidants does plays role in protecting the cells!

    “We might be able to target that Achilles heel in various ways, taking advantage of the fact that cancer stem cells are probably teetering on the edge of survival because they cannot manage reactive oxygen. We don’t know the answer to that yet,” said Gilliland, “but we are very excited about the possibility.” These findings also suggest that antioxidants could play a beneficial role in longevity of adult tissue stem cells. Although much work needs to be done to further explore this possibility, this hypothesis could have important implications for strategies that focus on tissue regeneration from adult stem cells.

    This quote is from a Harvard research team.

    In my pathophysiology class last semester my professor explained that antioxidants protect around the cells playing an important role in protecting the immune system againts cancer, thus any vegestable or fruit of dark color helps such as tomatos, bluberries, rasberries, cramberies, pomegranate juice can help you to become or remain healthier.
    The brazilian fruit in question is purple color thus it might be truth.
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    The antioxidant virtue of açaí is known since a long time. It's documentd on serious medical journals such as the Journal of Agrucultural and Food Chemistry; Journal of Ethnopharmacology; Journal of Food and Science Nutrition, etc.

    The topic is not knew, it was even discussed on TV by Oprah...

    and on Fox

    It's probably good but it's not a panacea!

    Scepticism is always the best epistemological stance but it must always rest (or more accurately be backed) on some sort of knowledge.

    Açaí is also for me one of my favorite Djavan's song since the last 25 years.

    I was already aware of the energetic virtue of açaí as I wrote in one of my former São Paulo reports (see report no 7):

    When I arrived at 9pm, the door of her apartment was half closed (because she was still busy in the bathroom). My heart almost failed. The table was set for a romantic supper, the piece was full of a heady incense. When she emerged from the bathroom, she was wearing a beautiful black dress with hig heels. Whe chatted a while on the sofa before enjoying the meal she had prepared. She have had not enough time to cook the supper. She had bought instead picanha (a kind of steak) and rice from a take-out restaurant. But she had prepared a salad (with a japanese sauce)and it was exquisite! She had cooked mandioca and farofa to go with the picanha. Finally, for dessert, a tropical fruit salad with among others açai. She laughed when I sang the first line of Djavan song entitled Açai...
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    These claims have to be taken with a grain of salt.

    There are always these new reports of new discoveries in the science world where they claim the outragious. More research is needed. It is better to sit back and see what comes from these discoveries.

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