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Thread: Free contemporain dance show

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    Cool Free contemporain dance show

    Hi girls,

    Tangente is trying to promote contemporain dance shows to people who don't normally get the privilege to see one. This time it is an invitation for sex workers. The show will start by an presentation about dance and will finish by the chance to chat with the artists. Call stella at 285-8889 or 285-1599 BEFORE Thursday afternoom if you are interested.

    Sorry for the short notice, I heard about it last night.

    Annik of Annik & friends

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    Please invite Lucie (if she has not been invited already)
    I don't have her coordinates, but I am sure somebody knows her.
    The DJ in MSP used to call her "Juicy Lucy" More recently she has been seen in Deeses. She is one of the most artistic and creative dancers I have seen with a great sense of timing. (These comments apply to stage dances only).


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