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Thread: Downtown Hotels Recommendation(s)

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    Downtown Hotels Recommendation(s)

    I've read many posts, but still can't narrow down what is best with my preferences and good location since I will be a rookie visitor to hobby and play tourist in Montreal.


    SP Friendly: I do not want to have to come down and let SP in or have front desk ring me at all to say "ok". I like to have a knock at my door and the SP be there looking beautiful and be able to walk into the hotel with no issues whatsoever and me doing no 'legwork'.

    SP hours: I like to and will be having fun from 9pm-3am late evenings, which hotel(s) will have no problem with this and meet above criteria?

    Location: I like to be downtown since I assume that is the thick of things. I will also be venturing to the casino once or twice between my sight seeing for some good times. (and obviously in a nice area where SP's have no problem going to)

    Price: I prefer to spend $125 or less a night.

    Bonus: I always like having a mini-fridge in my room if possible, but I understand many hotels have mini-bars instead. The fridge just lets me put my drinks in there and keeps them cool.

    Added Bonus Two: I read one hotel has balcony, that wouldn't be all that bad but not a big big deal.

    Added Bonus 3: Larger rooms are nice and nicer rooms but I'm very comfortable as long as it has a phone, at least a queen size bed, and a bathroom to wash up, shower, and such.

    Duration: I'll be staying at said hotel for probably 4 or 5 nights.

    Thanks for any help someone can provide. I prefer more recent and up to date information since the big thread was dated 2006 and more recent ones mixed.


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    If you search in current section, there's lot on this subject.
    Personally, I'm sold to hotels like Nelligan, Opus, St PAul...pricier than what you are looking for, but you might probably get good deals online.

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    Thank Monk,

    Yeah...I did a good amount of time reading and hard to pindown something with my preferences since it's a big mess. It appears Holiday Inn Select, Hyatt, and Quality Hotel might have what I"m looking for, but can't tell fully.

    My biggest thing is not having to get called by front desk, not having to let her in at the elevator, and having late night availability without any issues.

    A phone call, a time agreed upon, and a knock at my door...simple.


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    Hey Capt,

    That's hotel is looking pretty good for my preferences. Thanks for the feedback. It appears to be a pretty nice set up there as well, I'll just have to sacrifice a buzz here or there it appears..however, I'll probably be booking some longer sessions anways since the "bang for your buck" is nice in this city, especially compared to my usual Toronto outings.



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    Two suggestions ...

    ... I've always liked to stay close to the "downtown party" district for tourists which is Crescent St.

    So the obvious choice is L'Hotel de la Montagne.

    Are they SP-friendly? ... LOL ... I think their business depends on it!

    Nice place - almost a cheesy version of what an upscale hotel should be. There are balconies that overlook Crescent St. at the rear and also Rue de la Montagne in the front. But this time of year it's only good for keeping your beer cold

    But also not far away is Le Cantlie Suites on Sherbrooke (near Omni) which is affordable & gives you a Queen-size bed in a separate sleeeping area, kitchen space with full-size refrigerator & oven, and a living room area with a TV cabinet, coffee table and a sofa to sit, relax, and get acquainted with your new-found friend. Very civilized room set-up for entertaining, but the hotel itself is more family friendly ... I've had women tell me they've gotten dirty looks or other inappropriate comments made to the when they were waiting for the elevator to come upstairs (excuse the pun). Therefore classier girls would have alot less of a problem being noticed.

    Plan accordingly!

    PS - The HDLM is alot more popular in the summertime when the rooftop bar/pool area is open. Plus there's a bar/lounge on the ground floor & tunnel connecting to the nightclub 'Thursdays'.
    - Incognito_NYC

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    Yeah, I don't think I prefer to be doing the family hotel thing...I will be there in summer so I will get the nice weather.

    Thanks for the input.

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