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Thread: Cheyennes at St-John's Newfoundland

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    Cheyennes at St-John's Newfoundland

    Hi guys,

    I almost took one for the team. Let me explain. I have been spending 3 days here and, with nothing much to do except for work, decided to ask for companionship. After looking in the local paper, I found this escort website:

    When discussing with the receptionnist which was nice, she said it was $130.00 including transportation. On the website, I requested Robin. She arrives on time. I must admit that she seemed to be strung out a bit and not as nice as in the picture. In the fee, it includes a full body massage with release and transportation ($30).

    I inquired about full service, which was $200.00 more, for a total of $330.00 for an hour. Knowing that in Montreal I could get a way more beautiful lady with excellent service for half the price, I decided to provide her with transportation money only and let her go after a 5 min discussion.

    For newbies, she wanted to get started first on the massage the discuss options later. I was proactive and insisted that I wanted to get the money issue out of the way in the very beginning, not wanting to negociate nickel and dimes during the fun.

    Take home messages in Newfoundland: Fees are very high and ladies are below average. I used my big head this time, saved alot of money.

    This posts substantiates one of my earlier posts regarding the Maritimes:

    Oh well, I should travel elsewhere by now on.

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    Thanks for TOFTT, Lone Rider. good to know when I get there for vacation.

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