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Thread: Gauging interest in a SW patrol.

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    Gauging interest in a SW patrol.

    I am gauging interest in an SW patrol. I occasionaly go out and patrol the streets and see what is available on the SP scene. For example, this afternoon I went on a 45 minute patrol on Ontario street. What I saw was 4 SWs (3 of which were very low quality and dirty looking) The only one that I might have had an interest in would be a woman of about 30 to 33 years old, dressed very plainly and looked very clean. She looked like a part timer. Did not make contact as I was on my lunch hour only. Imagine if we all shared our info, we SW hobbyist would be better informed.
    If there are any fellow patrolers that are interested in knowing what the situation is, please PM me or post to show your interest.

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    SP patrol group ready.

    SP patrol group is ready for patrolers to post their observations of SW sightings. Please go to

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