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Thread: Looking For Porscha (aka Nikkita); Halifax Area

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    Question Looking For Porscha (aka Nikkita); Halifax Area

    I am looking for this escort, her name is Porscha, she may still be going by Nikkita or something else now. She's a Halifax area escort. Here are two pics of her, if anyone knows her please put me in contact with her as I want to see her again!:

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    Looking 4

    I am sure I have been with half the workers in Metro in the last year but never saw this girl. She got the Jessica Alba look . What is her height , weight and approx. age if you know and I will contact you if I see her. Do you know if she is Halifax or Datmouth side? How recent are those pics of her?

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    These pics are from here website, She had an ad on the coast website. ...i'd half to disagree on the "Jessica Alba look "

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