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    help with escort

    ok guye here it is

    A couple of months back a girl walked into my work really hot. So we started talking and got along great, she came back a couple of more times after that.
    When it came to asking her what she does for a living she was like i cant say its private,i work for myself, my car is my office blah blah building suspense and showing off kinda. So i recognizd her from the net and confronted her about it,she was speechless, i told her its ok i won t tell anyone.
    i loved talking to her she s a cool chick, since then she hasn t come back, so i emailed her for a 5 hour appointment no luck,she wont respond i mean i just wanna see her again, she s beautiful i dont wanna say her name so people wont call me a shiller..The funny thing is i was building up the courage to book an evening with her before i met her at my work.So we would ve met eventually, Now i ve emailed her 3 times no response, i dont wanna pull a bait and switch on her like agencys do to us(lol). Do i just give up i mean its her loss, has this ever happened to anyone else and what did you do???

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    I'm assuming that when you emailed her that you somehow identified yourself clearly to her so she knew you were the one she had met at your place of work. From what I've learned of escorts, they really want and need to keep their private and escorts lives separated for a variety of reasons - in most cases, they do not want friends and family to know about their activities, but also to keep nuts and stalkers away, and to keep some sanity in their lives. I suspect that you freaked her out by the fact that you were able to identify her as an escort from the web and she's probably concerned that others may do the same. She may also feel really uncomfortable as an escort having met you in her private life. Or maybe she really doesn't want to see you. Personally, I would just let it go. There's so many beautiful escorts in Montreal, many of whom are well reviewed here.

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    Yes, you freaked her out. If you wanted to meet her, you should have just booked her, and been prepared for the awkward moment at the door when you realize you've met before.

    Now it's too late, just forget about it. Don't go on calling/emailing her - she'll think you're a stalker.

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    Imagine my horror when an escort recently came up to me after church. There I was shooting the shit with my priest when she sneaked up behind me and covered my eyes. "Guess who GG?", she whispered ever so silently in my ear. I freaked out, turned around and I just couldn't believe it was her after all this time. We kissed and she politely left me alone to finish my chat with the priest. He looked at me with a grin and asked " she GFE?".


    P.S. Moral of the story is never sneak up on people!
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    i understand you all,but she couldv e just told me she works at walmart,why the hole,you ll never guess,i work from my car. blah blah i travel,building up to it. i dont think its my fault she opened the door and i stepped in.

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    I am me, too!
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    Haa imagination! What a beautiful thing!

    Or she's in NO WAY and escort and isn't the one you think. Maybe she was mysterious because she didn't have any interest in you and then, POW! You tell her she's an escort! Now in her mind... "What a maniac! I better be nice to him while he's in my face and then vanish forever!" And now, you're trying to book her?

    Of course, I might be totally wrong! But if she's not replying, leave her alone, simple as that.

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