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Thread: SW in alley?

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    SW in alley?

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if doing a street walker in an alley is a good idea? Its sort of a fantasy of mine and would love to do it one day. However I understand there are riscks involved. Has any one ever done this?


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    HAHA yes i know this time of year its a bit cold on the dick! I would ofcourse go through with this during spring or summer. ;o)

    Are the girls willing to go along with this?

    PS i don't have a car if that makes a difference.

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    considering that it takes less time in an alley, what would be a reasonable price? Forgive me I'm new to this, infact i have never been with a SW. (I'll prob be near shacking when/if I do)

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    Bottom of the barrel!

    The ones that will do you in an alley will be the ones at the bottom of the barreal. Watch out for getting shived in the alley as well!

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