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Thread: Ladies (and posters)-I'm looking for feedback: Montreal Boutique Hotels and Day Spas

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    Question Ladies (and posters)-I'm looking for feedback: Montreal Boutique Hotels and Day Spas

    I'm planning a romantic and party filled weekend in Montreal(dinner at Cube, Toque, Lalou, dancing all night at Stereo etc.) and wanted to get some feedback on boutique hotels and Day Spas in Montreal.

    I've stayed previously at the St. James, St. Germaine, Vogue and other standard places (ie Ritz Carleton)but haven't experienced The Gault, Nelligan, ESS or St. Paul. Can anyone give me feedback on the rooms, service, ambience, location, bars, food etc.

    Also searching for a luxurious day spa offering different treatments, wraps, exfoliation, massage etc in a nice setting. I believe Spa Diva at Cours de Mont Royal is good,but I'm not certain of other alternatives.

    Hopefully I can expect some great feedback from the ladies on the board...I'll manage my expectations from the guys. No ladies, I'm planning to take my wife, but for those others who might want to vounteer for a similar weekend in Montreal, NY or Chicago, I promise I will give you a deal on my rates.

    Thanks in advance, Wylie
    "Carpe Diem"

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    I stayed here for the first time on Sunday evening. I had a Loft Suite (~$200 US all inclusive). I was blown away by how nice this room and hotel were... not showy or grand, but artfully and tastefully done in every detail. My room was sizable (maybe 16' by 20'), with a nice gas fireplace, a very large bathroom with a very usable double jacuzzi, and exposed brick walls throughout.

    I would heartily recommend it, although I can't comment how it stacks up against some of the other options.

    Have fun, MG (Boston)

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    *Here is an idea

    wylieguy ,

    If you have transportation i invite you to visit the Polar Bear's Club
    in Piedmont . It's a outsite spa next to a river in the wood's , there is a spa , massages are available . You can even rent a loft for the weekend . Give them a call 450-227-4616 (Bob is the host)

    Otherwise is an other good option if you are in Tremblant . Dont forget to visit Catherine on the mountain she makes the best Crepes on the mountain (Creprerie Catherine) ...

    Good luck and let me know how you liked it

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    Thanks Mature,

    I'll keep both your reccomendations on my favourites list when I'm looking for a rural setting with some action.

    Actually, I grew up skiing Tremblant every weekend for 20 years. In fact I taught at "Cuddles" for a few years and currently own a place there with my brother. I get up about every month or so to ski (I libve in T.O. now), and still teach here in the massive expanse called the Niagara Escarpment (LOL).

    I agree wholeheartedly about Catherine btw.

    Nope this is a weekend for urban play with all that Montreal has to offer.

    "Carpe Diem"

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    Hey Wylie
    The Gault is great-very loft like and quite intimate, Hotel St.Paul is alot bigger but also very cool, Nelligan is also a good bet, out of old montreal you have Le Germain which is also really nice and well situated-Spa wise, Spa Diva is your best bet but can be trciky to get appointments as its very busy.
    Enjoy your visit

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    Thanks Rolo. I've gone with the deleuxe suite at The Nelligan, dinner reservations at Laloux, Toque and Verses as well as treatments at Spa Diva and VIP Passes at Stereo after hours.

    Any suggestions for other late night party places or for drinks after dinner. My dinner reservations are all at 10-10:30 pm...

    "Carpe Diem"

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    Ladies, pleeease!

    I can't believ I haven't received any feedback from the lovely ladies on the board!

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