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    Remember that we are a daytime-evening operating agency and that
    Satin Dreamz`s Ladies great reputations are growing in glorious ways!
    A friendly website, accurate and updated pictures, access to their
    reviews, accurate schedules and more work going on actually on
    the web site! Hope you enjoy the effort and are having fun!

    Satin Dreamz Team !!!

    Mélanie [COLOR=``Magenta``]12pm-10pm[/COLOR]
    Profile-Pics & Her Reviews
    Duo [COLOR=``Black``]¤ Show [COLOR=``Black``]¤[/COLOR] Couple [COLOR=``Black``]¤[/COLOR] TCIM [COLOR=``Black``]¤[/COLOR] GFE![/COLOR]

    Bianka [COLOR=``Magenta``]12pm-10pm[/COLOR]
    Profile-Pics & Her Reviews
    Greek [COLOR=``Black``]¤ GFE![/COLOR]

    Selena [COLOR=``Magenta``]OFF[/COLOR]
    Profile & Her Reviews
    Duo [COLOR=``Black``]¤ Show [COLOR=``Black``]¤[/COLOR] Couple [COLOR=``Black``]¤[/COLOR] Greek [COLOR=``Black``]¤[/COLOR] GFE![/COLOR]

    Claudia [COLOR=``Magenta``]2pm-11pm[/COLOR]
    Profile & Pics & Her Reviews

    Jada [COLOR=``Magenta``]6pm-12am[/COLOR]
    Profile-Pics Look A Like

    Have fun !

    Answering the phone from [COLOR=``red``]10 am[/COLOR]
    Replying to [COLOR=``red``]e-mails[/COLOR] maximum in the next 24h
    [COLOR=``red``]MSN[/COLOR] is also available for questions and booking
    [COLOR=``Red``]Advance booking available to make your plans work[/COLOR]
    >>>>>>>To help you with your appointement<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK<<<<<<<<<<<
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    * Experts for pleasure and discretion
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