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Thread: Registration process!

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    Post Registration process!

    Hi people!

    Just wanted to share my "troubled" registration process experience. Maybe it's just me, but I had some difficulty to get the access to finally post because when I first registered, I made a mistake in my e-mail address, so I never got to activate my account. When I realised my mistake, I changed my e-mail address field in the options but even then, I didn't get the activation mail.

    So I had to create a new account to be able to communicate and share my experience with you guys

    Remark: I had to modify my e-mail from my old account so I could register this new one, because the board doesn't accept accounts with similar e-mails!

    Anyway's, I hope this will help any new members in the future!!

    Old Slicker

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    Pintora: number of post.

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    Not sure what that number is, though...

    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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