Maybe that's what I got.

I always thought it was just that I like women (well, I do) but thinking back, when I was a kid I think I topped out beating off at eight times in one day, thankfully I'm down to a manageable 3 times/day in my late 40s.

So how much is too much? I mean, for me, a day without orgasm is like a day without orange juice - a day without sunshine!

Somewhat tangentially, I've wondered about men's sex drives, and our seemingly innate desire to sleep with many different women. Some have said that that is a biological drive, to spread our seed, so as to properly propagate the herd.

Those that deny that notion vehemently tend to be women, strangely enough.

I'm truly not trying to make excuses here for guys sleeping around a lot, I'm just curious as to why it happens so frequently.

Not to say women don't either, and I think that is fine. personally, I'd like to see us get away from the archaic notion of monogamy. just because i slip it to some hottie doesn't mean I don't love the one I'm with.