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    I was going to sign on (again) as a silver or gold...instead I went in for free and looked around.

    If I pay and contact some the local free female of them will call me on the phone. This will go nowhere.

    It's always the same.
    The 24-7 maso girls are needy, lazy and desperate to live somewhere for free.
    Some good looking tie me up and fuck me girl will phone me.This will, of course, go nowhere...she's a planted actress.
    The plain or homely housewives that can't escape their marriage for the usual reasons.
    There are 100 guys for 1 girl.

    Yet on serious relationship dating boards or services there are 2-3 women per man.
    Should I go there, lie, get my fill of naive twat and then hope I don't get stalked.

    So I'm not going pay for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. I won't get fooled again.

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    I could not resist. I paid for a membership just to se if my predictions pan out.

    The doormat girl is still there. (pathetically looking for some husband to support her lazy ugly ass)
    The copy & pasted images are there. (probably some male pervert wanting to talk to an unsuspecting, naive, horn dog dog)
    The baits are there. (This is worse than the bait & switch escort services, this is bait and get nothing)
    All I want is some good looking, girl with a weight proportional to her height, a girl that likes games that last an hour or two and then we go our separate ways.

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    Je devrais me faire examiner la tête d'avoir payé pour ça encore.
    Crisse que c'est laid.
    Des folles compliquées qui se disent soumises mais qui veulent toutes sortes de tournitailleries de conditions exigentes qu'ells sortent au fure et à mesure, des grosses maitresses qui pesent deux tonnes, des maitresses qui veulent crisser une voler mais ne veulent pas me suçer.

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